6 Simple Tricks To Optimize Sleep For Better Recovery

One of the most important things you can do to accomplish your health and fitness goals is to get a good night’s sleep. It is imperative that you maximize the efficiency of your sleep in order to properly recover from your workouts and keep your body healthy. Use these six bio-hack tips to ensure you are getting the sleep you need to support your gains!


Never eat a large meal right before going to bed. Although this may seem counterintuitive, since you typically feel sleepy after a big feast (i.e., Thanksgiving dinner), eating a large meal before bed can actually negatively impact your sleep. The digestive system in the body requires a huge amount of energy to function properly. If you go to sleep with a full stomach, your body will have to expend energy digesting everything instead of settling into a deep, restful sleep. However, you don’t want to go to bed feeling hungry either. Try having a light snack or protein shake like Six Star® Casein Protein that provides your body with amino acids to help your muscles recover while you sleep.


Lowering your core temperature before bed helps you to fall asleep faster! Part of the sleep process involves your body naturally lowering its core temperature. If you can, try keeping your room somewhere in the range of 60°F to 70°F for an optimal sleeping environment. If you have to sleep in a very warm place, try taking a cool shower or bath before bed to help lower your core temperature and make it easier for your body to get into a deep and restful sleep!


Using electronics before bed can interfere with your sleep. You should always try to avoid looking at TV, computer, phone and tablet screens at least one hour before you want to go to sleep. Electronic screens emit a type of light known as blue light, which interferes with the production of a hormone called melatonin that helps your body get into a deep, restful sleep. If you must use electronics before bed, you can wear glasses with dark orange lenses, which actually help to block the blue light from reaching your eyes.


Try not to stress out before bed! Trying to go to sleep with a busy, stressed out mind is a recipe for a night full of tossing and turning. Try doing an activity that relaxes and calms you down before you go to sleep. You can read a book, do some light stretching or go for a walk. Always do your best to go to bed with a clear and relaxed mind if you want to get the deep, restful sleep you need to properly recover from your workouts!


Do your best to go to bed at the same time every day. Doing this will allow your body to become accustomed to a schedule, meaning it will naturally know when it is time to begin calming down and preparing for deep, restful sleep. Similar to how you follow a workout plan, like Jacked in 60, you should stick to a sleeping plan if you really want to maximize your sleep and recovery!


Sleeping in a room full of light can negatively impact your sleep. Things like a bright street light outside your bedroom window and lights from various electronics, like digital alarm clocks, in your room can have a negative effect on your brain’s ability to produce melatonin. You should try to make your room as dark as possible by using blackout blinds or curtains, and covering up or unplugging any light-producing electronics in your room. So don’t be afraid of the dark if you want to get a deep, restful sleep, otherwise you just might scare away your gains!


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